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In recent years, customers have turned to ordering their food online. It’s fast, convenient and the customer doesn’t even need to have phone credit to make an order. Certain online ordering processors have taken advantage of this trend. It comes at a high cost, often above 10% of the value of each order, plus admin fees. You cannot afford to be left out.

Using an online processor may be a great way to gain new customers, but it means that you pay for every single order, even when the order is from a regular customer. This all means you are paying more than you should be.

The solution is simple. You continue to use the third party processor. Keep everything as it is, but add a Fast Food Site to your arsenal. With a low cost set up and a low monthly maintenance fee, you can’t lose!

Take back and convert customers to use your website, instead of going through a third party processor. Customers would prefer to pay you, but will always go with what they know, unless there is an incentive to get familiar with your website. See the 6 Steps of Conversion Below.

Customer makes an order through a third party online ordering website, or app. You pay them a percentage of the order value.

Deliver new menus. When handing the food over to the customer, tell them about your website and the benefit of using it. Use leaflets to spread the news.

Customer decides to order from your website and is rewarded with a promotional offer for using your website. The offer is on the leaflet provided by us.

The order is received to your control panel, or dedicated printer. You accept the order and pay no commission on the order.

The food is delivered to, or collected by the customer. They receive a promotional offer and now have an incentive to use your website again.

Keep your profits. Stop paying high commissions.

Take your customers back, while gaining new ones.

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