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Prices - Invest to save

FEES……The Full Monty, Everything Will Be Revealed.

We keep all prices clear and easy to understand, so you know what you are paying for.

There is a €100 set up fee for all sites

See how far this fee goes for you

This is your websites address. Example; . Without a website address, nobody could find their way to your website. So, it’s pretty important to have one.

Most of you will want the convenience of orders simply printing off when you push the green button. That convenience for you is a bit more complex on our end and approximately 80% of the setup fee goes toward licensing the software for you.

We give you access and training to change text and images on your website. While access to the menu system is restricted to protect the integrity of the online ordering system, we can make changes for you if your prices need a refresh. We also show you and your staff how to use the printer. Who knows, you might want to change the ring tone to something a bit more upbeat.

There is always more stuff that needs to be done. While the set up fee doesn’t quite cover our set up cost, we still do our very best to accommodate your needs, whether you know them, or not. Our goal is to develop a long term and mutually beneficial partnership with you. Charging high set up fees is not the way to do this. The low set up cost is designed to make your decision an easy one. Each order received through your website is money saved.

€100 Per Website Page

This is the basic, all you need website. You get Three (3) Pages consisting of Home, Ordering Menu & Contact Us page. You can add more pages to a website if you like and each page will only cost €100. This is a good idea for Restaurants who may want to add Eat-In menus to their website. We also build restaurant and cafe websites at €100 per page. Online Ordering is optional.

Monthly Hosting & Maintenance

So, you have your website address (domain name). Think of hosting as your monthly rent to host your address and website. The monthly payment for maintenance covers you for hosting. Good hosting on its own will usually cost €250 per year. We have you covered. Within the maintenance fee, we provide an excellent hosting package for you, hosted through the worlds best known provider. Now, people can visit your website. We also cover the general maintenance and website upkeep, to prevent and fix errors when they do occur. Chances are, you’ll never even know if there was a problem, because we will have had it fixed before it causes any issues. Missing text and images will be a thing of the past. We do the worrying, so you don’t have to.

Food Order Printer

This is the reason the fast food industry has seen such a massive change in recent times. It’s also the same reason most fast food restaurants are being charged high commissions for online orders. This little device prints the orders sent through the Internet. It gives you the orders you might have never received. It’s a necessary item to have in your arsenal, but the Fast Food Sites printer will not be costing you high commissions for every order you receive. Having your own website and your own online ordering system puts you back in control. You no longer pay commissions for the customers who love your food.

Rent the machine for only €30 per month, or Buy it outright for €300*. We give you the option, so you can make the best decision for your business. Each printer comes with a 12 month manufacturers warranty. Of course, the warranty won’t cover things such as pouring fizzy drinks over it, cooking it in hot oil, or throwing it at the wall to test durability for your youtube channel. Take care of it and keep it away from moisture and extreme temperatures and this little device will seem like it’s printing money for years to come.

* Printer Notes

Each additional printer costs €300, plus a €20 monthly running fee for a single location.

Third party printers may not be compatible and in most cases, cannot be used. Each printer is licensed by a reputable printer software supplier.