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Prices - Invest to save

FEES……The Full Monty, Everything Will Be Revealed.

We keep all prices clear and easy to understand, so you know what you are paying for.

This is your websites address. Example; . Without a website address, nobody could find their way to your website. So, it’s pretty important to have one. We cover the first year as a show of confidence and bill for renewal once per year.

Most of you will want the convenience of orders simply printing off when you push the green button. That convenience comes at a cost of several hundred euros, which is undertaken by us. This all comes at no cost to you.

We give you access and training to change text and images on your website and/or ordering system. We also show you and your staff how to use the printer. If you prefer us to make changes to your menu, we can do this for a small fee. However, price changes are very easily done and although they are changed perhaps once per year, they are the most common change made to a menu.

There is always more stuff that needs to be done. Our goal is to develop a long term and mutually beneficial partnership with you. Charging high set up fees is not the way to do this. The free set-up is designed to make your decision an easy one. Each order received through your website is money saved.

€100 Per Website Page

Perhaps you only need the basic website, the ordering system and APP*. If you want more, we can build mobile friendly website pages for one off, low prices. This is a good idea for Restaurants who may want to add a customised website which includes their eat-in menus. Online Ordering is optional and can be set for collections only.

* The APP is not a traditional APP due to increasing restrictions levied by Apple and Google for fast food and restaurant businesses. A web based APP directs the customer to the menu/website and the customer can save the page as an APP icon on their home screen. A QR code will be provided for this. For an additional fee, we can build a web page which will look like an APP and the customer can navigate from there to the rest of your website and online ordering system.