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Welcome to the temporary listings page. You are probably here because your favourite fast food restaurant gave you a leaftlet to tell you about the brand new website they have. Fast Food Sites is not a directory of takeaways and Each listing is only temporary, so make sure you save the web address of your favourite takeaway to receive rewards every time you order.

Did You Know:

When you order through a third party agent such as Just Eat, Marvin and others, the restaurant is charged commissions up to and sometimes above 15%, often on top of monthly fees. When you order through a website built by Fast Food Sites, there are no commissions charged. This means the prices seen online are the same as and sometimes cheaper than the prices offered in the restaurant. Be rewarded every time you order direct from your local restaurant. If they do not have a website with an online ordering system, tell them to visit us. They’ll be glad you did.

Restaurant Name

Bistro Brazil

Hamburger Bar


Little Jerusalem

Little Jerusalem

Nicos Kebab

Rose Garden

Swords Garden


Dublin 1

Dublin 5, Kilbarrack

Dublin 2

Dublin 6

North Dublin, Swords

North Dublin, Portmarnock

Dublin 11, Finglas

North Dublin, Swords

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